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How to improve your self esteem and find your inner self-confidence


How to boost your self-confidence and find your inner self-confidence

Jim Rees aka the Emotional Intelligence Master and Author of Vicious Cycle reveals how we can boost our self esteem and discover our inner confidence

Ever been all set to provide a talk or speech to find that someplace between taking a seat and standing up, you’ve lost your confidence thanks to all the eyes and ears waiting to hear your speech?

There will be plenty of celebrations where we’re desperate for our confidence to appear and give us that increase we require, and you’re definitely not alone if it goes missing out on from time to time.

As a coach, when somebody tells me they’ve lost their self-confidence, I jokingly ask where they left it, or if they keep in mind when they last had it.

But all jokes aside, there are some simple things you can do to find and keep your inner self-confidence …


Confidence is not a physical thing, and therefore, it’s impossible for it to be ‘lost’.

The initial step to get rid of the sensation you have actually lost your confidence is to end up being mindful of this extremely reality. Your self-confidence is not lost, you’re having difficulty accessing it.

Knowing your coping mechanisms is frequently the primary step to help you feel positive when going into any situation, so begin by discovering what things you’re putting off or talking yourself out of.

A great way to comprehend what you might be delaying, or preventing is by asking your partner or a close friend to provide you feedback. This can help you to deal with blind spots you might be unconscious of which might yield some awareness for you.

How To Find Your Inner Confidence And Keep It woman talking to crowd

Beliefs Belief in yourself is really the key to inner and external self-confidence. The fantastic aspect of our beliefs, is that there are two kinds of beliefs– ‘Em powering Belief’or’Restricting Belief’. These beliefs will drive how we feel about a job or a goal that we are pursuing, which in turn will have an

influence on the result. For example, if you have a’Restricting Belief’ about your capability to conserve ten per cent of your income each month, that will impact your attitude towards conserving, which will result in you not being able to put some cash aside each month.

This then becomes a self-fulfilling prediction, proving to yourself that it’s not possible to save ten percent of your wage. Believing that you can and empowering yourself to do so, will have an influence on whether it’s possible or not.

Self-belief will get you far. What’s your story? Our beliefs are woven into our story about what we believe is possible for us in our lives. We may believe that we’re really terrific at doing a presentation to a small group of work associates or our group, but then will deal with the concept of doing the same talk to 200 people at the company conference.

Utilizing the previous example of conserving cash, it might be that the story you’re telling yourself is that you have actually always been terrible at saving cash, which then sabotages your capability to save monthly.

When you tap into the story you are telling yourself, you’ll find some of the blockers that will be avoiding you from moving towards your objectives.

Determining these blockers and working out the stories you’re telling yourself can assist you to break cycles which may be negatively impacting you or affecting your confidence.

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about our internal dialog, the conversation that we have with ourselves which then ends up being part of our story. So, we require to focus on that internal dialog and to what we’re declaring to ourselves daily. If you’re preparing yourself to do something which is out of your convenience zone and giving you a crisis of self-confidence, utilizing some

effective affirmations could help. Instead of thinking negatively, inform yourself something positive and think about the enjoyment and sense of accomplishment you will feel when you have actually finished what you set out to do.

For instance, if it’s a discussion at work, tell yourself the audience are going to like it, inform yourself how excited you are to share this with the company which you’re the specialist in this field.


If you’re looking to achieve something you’ve not attempted previously, find someone that you can utilize as a function design, you do not have to understand them personally, a YouTube search will be adequate.

To boost your confidence, learn what great looks like and after that go and duplicate it on your own.

Another helpful technique is to consider all the events when you’ve stepped up to try something new and smashed it.

Bring into play these memories as a pointer that with great preparation and practice you will be able to attain this brand-new challenge you are facing.

How To Find Your Inner Confidence And Keep It NERVOUS WOMAN Reading speech notes

Commitment Don’t ever do things by halves. The old saying, ‘If something is worth doing, then it deserves succeeding’, holds true and repeating this phrase can empower you and produce a sense of inner self-confidence for ultimate success.

Committing to something is about leaning into the objective or brand-new skill you’re wanting to accomplish or obtain.

Eventually, it’s taking 100 per cent duty for doing whatever you can to move in the right direction and get this done to your greatest requirements.

Over the years I have coached 1,000’s of individuals and have seen on numerous events those how have stopped working before attaining their objectives, and it’s constantly down to the lack of their commitment to seeing it all the method through to conclusion.

And finally, if a curve ball knocks you off your feet, then ask the following questions so you can stay focused on achieving a favorable outcome:

  • What could be excellent about this?
  • What’s not perfect yet?
  • How can I turn this around?
  • What can I learn from this?
  • What do I need to alter?

For more suggestions and techniques on how to achieve your goals and setting your goals, get a copy of Vicious Cycle at www.theeiguru.com

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