Veganlicious: Mastering Vegan Baking Taking The Food Science And Chemistry In Action

Some vegan guests appear at your home… are you in a dilemma about how to satisfy them with delicious homemade vegan baking? Well, don’t worry anymore, as cooking has expanded its wings and hence it is now no longer as difficult to satisfy your vegan guests with some delightful dishes. However, for that to happen, you must know about the ingredients required for making a good vegan dish. Alternatively, you can order various vegan dishes from some of the best restaurants in London and take advantage of their plant-based food delivery partners. They will drop the parcel at your doorstep quickly. However, it is best to prepare a vegan dish at home to make your guests happy.

Get The Meaty Flavor In Your Recipe With The Help Of Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a rich source of nutrients, as they contain proteins just like that which animal meat gives you. Try making dishes that give you the texture and taste of meat by using mushrooms as your main cooking ingredient. Cook the mushrooms in olive oil, adding a pinch of salt and mustard seeds to give some spice to the dish. Otherwise, you can cook simple hot dogs using mushrooms as the leading ingredients.

Mushroom hotdogs are very popular in London, and you can get fine hotdogs from any restaurant in London. Approach the biggest delivery partners of London like Plant Sumo, who do the task of plant-based food delivery from every reputable restaurant.

Make A Vegan Dessert To Soothe The Tongue After Completing The Main Course

Desserts are often baked dairy products, but this can’t happen when doing vegan baking. Dairy products add flavor, sugar encourages the browning texture of the food. The fat in the creamy buttermilk enhances softness in the cake or pudding. But you can still achieve this in your vegan baking by replacing them with flax seeds or chia seeds, which perform the same function as  dairy products during the baking procedure.

Chia seeds are available in two forms – ground and whole. If you are baking a cake or pudding, you need to buy the ground one as it works well in cakes. Otherwise, keep the whole ones with you, as chia seeds are an excellent grinder and thickener. Preparing a recipe that needs a beautiful texture, like cookies, muffins, or bread, add some nuts in the toppings, whole chia seeds will work better. Chia works as a great addition to egg-free or vegan baking desserts.

Use Honey To Enrich The Texture Of Your Dish

If you opt for sweet dishes or adding sweetness in your vegan recipes, honey has no substitute. It not only enriches the texture of the food, but if you are baking brownies, you don’t need to add extra ingredients to keep the brown texture intact. Other than this, you can add honey to give some sweet effect to your dish. For instance, it adds a unique flavor to classic dishes such as baklava and lebkuchen. In addition, you can use vegan-friendly sweeteners that include maple syrup, molasses, and agave nectar to enrich the sweetness of your dishes.

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5 Beauty Products You Need To Add To Your Repertoire

Perfecting your makeup look is an art, but it comes down to more than just having skill with an eyeliner pencil. There are a few important tools you need to have in hand that will help you out along the way to perfection.

Here are a few beauty products and tools you need to be using if you aren’t yet.

Great Makeup Brushes

An artist is only as good as his tools, right? We know that isn’t a saying, but when it comes to your makeup look, it’s pretty close to the truth. Investing in great quality brushes can really make the world of difference when it comes to applying your product smoothly and evenly.

Some tools you’ll need are a pack of beauty blenders (wash them regularly), a brilliant kabuki brush for cream products, a dense powder brush, and an angled brush for contouring and highlighter. Investing in higher quality products will not only improve your look, but they’ll last longer too.


If you’re not exfoliating regularly, you’re simply begging for bumps and dry patches on your otherwise flawless skin. Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells and even up the surface of your skin, so you get a nice and even application of your product.

You could grab an exfoliating mask, a scrub or an exfoliating brush or pad, if that’s more up your alley. Remember to exfoliate gently and not more than twice a week to avoid damaging your skin.


One aspect of a skincare routine that many people tend to skip is using a toner. Toners should be used after your cleanse and before you moisturise, and serve the purpose of getting rid of any extra dirt or oil that might be leftover on your skin, making it smooth and even before applying your other products.

Some toners also have other benefits, such as evening out your skin tone, minimising your pores and tightening your skin. All these will help your makeup products to sit exactly where you want them to on your face. Thank you, toner!

Primers And Setting Sprays

Prepping your face before you apply your makeup is more important than you realise. A good primer will help all of your product to cling to your face and prevent it from sliding or melting off during the day.

A good powder or setting spray will do the rest of the job. Sandwiching your product in between a primer and a setter will help your look last all day long without moving or starting to look cakey by 3 PM. Once again, investing in quality when it comes to these products can make the world of difference.

Universal Lip Liner

Nobody needs to own a lip liner to match every single colour of lipstick they own. A transparent universal liner will help to prevent feathering and keep your product on your lips for hours on end, and you won’t have to match it to your lipstick. As a bonus, these kinds of products help to keep your lips moisturised under your product too!

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